Bianca aka Young B Interview


Rae: Are you working on any new projects right now?

Bianca: Yeah, my EP is coming out in October, I didn’t make a name up for it yet. I don’t want to rush the name because I want it to be a good name.

Rae: I attended the “Let It Rain” video shoot in January. Was that video ever released?

Bianca: No, I’m going to release it this January because when we shot it, it was an off month so I wanted to put it out at the right time and I didn’t want to rush it so that I would be able to do promo before it drops.

I was in a video with Wyclef called “April Showers” that was filmed last April in 2013 and then he dropped it this April. Sometimes you just have to wait for it to build up the right momentum. I was in that video with Troy Ave and I was just in the Troy Ave video “My Style”.

Rae: Do you have any upcoming performances? What have you been up to?

Bianca: I have a bunch of upcoming performances. I never stop doing preformacnes, every week there’s something new.

Rae: How do you think that your music style has transitioned from your very first single?

Bianca: Well there’s more lyricaly because my first single didn’t have that many bars or a lot of lyrics in it. The way we cut up the bars it was like 4, 4, 4 so I really wasn’t saying anything it was just like a big hook but now I’m actually saying more on the songs. I mean it’s going to grow anyway because I was a kid and there wasn’t much that I could really rap about. I wasn’t living no street life so I couldn’t talk about guns and I wasn’t having sex so I couldn’t talk about sex so I could only talk about clothes, having fun and partying because that was my life. Now I have more stuff to talk about because I’m grown now. 

Rae: Are there any other projects that you want to talk about?

Bianca: No, basically just that my EP is coming out in October and I will be working on the second one right after that one drops. I have “Heard Ju” a new single that I did with Remo the Hitmaker. We shot the video for that and we will be releasing that this month. I’m shooting another video with Puma from VH1 at his shop Ink 124 and I’ll be releasing that in October when the EP drops. In January I’ll be releasing “Let It Rain”  and so on. I put 10 songs on this first project so I’ll probably be releasing a video for every song on the project and then I’m just building from there. Just staying consistent putting visuals out and giving my fans more of what they want.

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